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Short & Track: Some Features

Short & Track helps you create a short version of your URLs that you can share on social media, Long URLs looks spammy/suspicious and unattractive to click

Faster Than Any External Shortener

External shorteners can be slow when redirecting your visitors.

Easy to Customize

Short & Track uses your own store domain in the link will get your link more clicks and also brand your store.

Track sells on each short link

Knowing the results you getting from each link & what is working best will help you scale in the channels which brings you most of the traffic & sells, with Short & Track you will see the number of sells & revenue you are getting, not only clicks.

Split test products/collection

Easily split test so you know which product or collection brings you the most revenue, you can, for example, create a short link that sends 70% of the traffic to a products page and 30% to a collection (Many time we found collection makes us more revenue).

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